About Us

IG wrap was born from a picture frame molding and frame manufacturer. Nine years ago we bought our first inkjet printer to offer our customers a way of reproducing their art work digitally. Soon after we began to stretch digital canvas onto wooden stretcher bars in a gallery wrap style which looks very attractive but is difficult to do. As with any invention it all started with the simple statement “There has got to be a better way”. We went back to basics and reinvented the manner in which a gallery wrap is produced. By removing all the steps that require skill and tools we believe we have invented the best stretching system available bar none.

We look forward to hearing your feed back and please look to us for more innovative products.


IG Wrap Inc
4961 Eighth Line Road
Carlsbad Springs, ON
Canada, K0A 1K0

613-216-6111 Tel

If you would like any more information about our products or where to purchase them, please contact us at sales@igwrap.com
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